Rebirth to a military marriage raw

It was not the issue of learning to become successful or finding a good job. If the other children were all college graduates while Zijin was only a high school graduate, then it would not be nice to hear that from others. Speaking of the truth, which wealthy and powerful family would be willing to have a daughter-in-law with a low academic qualification? When she came out from the room, Ding Jiayi and Qiao Zijin had tidied up most of the house.

It was much cleaner than before. Ding Jiayi felt that a lifetime seemed to have passed, and she was feeling nostalgic. At the sight of one plate of green vegetables and one plate of scrambled eggs, Qiao Zijin did not have much appetite. It would be best for her to keep quiet. During the past month, Ding Jiayi had lost ten pounds straight.

The fats she had accumulated over a decade were seemingly lost during this one-month period. Apparently, it had been really hard on Ding Jiayi. When Qiao Dongliang was in the hospital, almost all the food needed for his nourishment was provided by Qiao Nan. Ding Jiayi would occasionally cook for Qiao Zijin. Hence, it was not the same for Qiao Zijin.

In half the vacation period, Qiao Zijin actually put on three to four pounds of weight. Now that the family of four was having a meal together again, Qiao Nan would no longer prepare additional dishes.

Hence, the meal expenses for the family of four would have to be borne directly by Ding Jiayi. Ding Jiayi could still manage occasional meals for Qiao Zijin while she settled her own meals modestly. Qiao Nan pursed her lips. At the sight of this, she knew that her father must have cooled down and did not want to divorce her mother anymore.

It is human nature. When one is agitated, and the more people advise them to do something, the more they tend to do it. On the contrary, the more others advise them against it, they will hesitate to do so. Qiao Nan was a little disappointed, but she did not regret what she said to her father previously.

She was contented as long as her father led a good life.It was a sheer pity that all these slipped away from him just because Qiao Nan did not become his girlfriend. If he had known that today would come, he should have learned from Wei De, that son-in-law of the Zhai family. He should have spent more time and effort to sweet-talk Qiao Nan into believing him.

Rebirth To A Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief Chapter 696

After some time, everything would have belonged to him no matter what! The plan was a fiasco. Those people whom they had hired were arrested. Upon interrogation, the truth of the matter would definitely be revealed. After half an hour of torture, Qiao Nan still entered the school eventually and took the college entrance examination. They had not achieved any of the objectives that they had set out to do. On the other hand, her mother had really been hit by a car and was admitted to the hospital lying down.

At the thought of that pool of blood darkening by the street, Qiao Zijin could not help feeling panic. Wasnt it supposed to be a minor injury? Why was there so much blood?

Would anything happen to her mother? Im not laughing at anything. Qiao Nan did not have that kind of feeling for him and yet was outstanding beyond his imagination. In fact, she was more stunning than the wife that he had imagined and wished for. Then, at the sight of the Qiao Zijin before him who had feelings for him but performance-wise could not be compared to a single strand of Qiao Nans hair, Chen Jun felt that destiny was fooling with him. Right, Brother Chen, didnt you say that youll only let my mom suffer some minor injury, that youll find someone to look after her and not let anything happen to her?

Today, it seems that Her mothers condition was more serious than she had imagined. Of course, I will do as I promised you. Why are you interrogating me in this way? Is your mom dead? He was already annoyed and angry that he let slip such a good lady like Qiao Nan. After all, Qiao Nans qualities and conditions were exactly the same as the bride that he had wished for. She was even a little better. No, Brother Chen, dont be angry.

I know that youll definitely be able to carry out what you have promised me. I dont doubt you. Thats my biological mother after all. At the sight of her lying in a pool of blood and not moving, I, wouldnt I panic and feel my heart ache?The most important thing was that Zhai Sheng did not want to go back as he had no wish to see the man named Wei De.

Qiao Nan tidied her hair.

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For the past two years, Zhai Sheng had the habit of tousling her hair as if she was a dog. She had been used to it and would no longer retaliate. Then, now you are. I wont disturb you from your studies. Zhai Sheng sighed. True enough, his future wife was too young, still in school. In fact, she was busier than him and had no time to date. He had indeed been in a false relationship. Also, dont be distracted by Shi Qing. You are in the humanities class, whereas she is in the science class.

Both of you wont have much to discuss or learn together. He felt gloomy that Shi Qing spent more time with Qiao Nan than he did.

Even though Shi Qing was a woman, he still felt unhappy about it. Qiao Nan curled the corners of her lips. Brother Zhai, have you forgotten that when Shi Qing first arrived in Ping Cheng, she was my love rival. Shi Qings original intention was to fight for Brother Zhais affection. Zhai Sheng sneered. Shi Qing was a troublemaker. He did not care what Shi Qings original intention was, but right now, she was his love rival! Okay, go back and study hard.

There was still one more year to go. He would submit the marriage report in June, and by July, he would be able to be engaged to Nan Nan.

Qiao Nan knew that Zhai Sheng must be thinking of submitting the marriage report and their engagement next year. She could not bear to remind him that Auntie Miao was still kept in the dark about their relationship. After keeping it from her for such a long time, Qiao Nan no longer knew how to tell Miao Jing about their relationship. Brother Zhai, I will go back now.

Be careful when you drive back home. The weather is very hot now. You can have a nap when you are back at home. You will feel energized after the nap. As a study maniac, Qiao Nan tried her best to allocate rest time for herself even though she usually spent most of her time on her studies. She could not go without ninety minutes of an afternoon nap.At this juncture, Qiao Nan would be too silly not to take the money.

In fact, she would be an idiot if she did not do so. Shi Qing dared not let Qiao Nan had the chance to be so silly. She grabbed over the money and tucked them into Qiao Nans hands. She made the decision for Qiao Nan first and then said, Why are you standing there in a daze? Quickly put away the money in the room. If you lose it, do you deserve the well-meaning intention of Uncle Qiao? After it was stored away properly and deposited in the bank tomorrow, this sum of money would really belong to Qiao Nan.

This would not do. Tomorrow, she would come and look for Qiao Nan early in the morning and accompany her to the bank to deposit the money. This was in case Uncle Qiao decided to change his mind. Shi Qings bright eyes rolled a few times. Qiao Nan, weve not had late chats for some time. Why dont I stay here tonight so that we can chat? We can hat about the students that you are giving tuition to or chat about your study plan for the next semester.

I want to use your study plan as a reference to decide on my own study plan, can I? As long as she was around, she did not believe that Uncle Qiao would have the shame to take back the money that he had given out and leave it for Qiao Zijin. Qiao Nan could not help smiling.

No need.

rebirth to a military marriage raw

I suffer from summer ailments. I feel hot even when I sleep alone. Ill shun your presence. Her father gave her this sum of money in front of Director Shi and Shi Qing because he did not want to give himself a chance to regret it. Once her father took out the money out in front of others, he would definitely not take it back regardless of the reason.

This time, it was truly strange. In the past, Qiao Zijin would definitely appear as long as there was money to be taken. There was such a good opportunity and excuse but why didnt Qiao Zijin appear at all? Youre sure? Shi Qing pouted to express that she was concerned if Qiao Nan alone would be able to deal with the situation of Qiao Dongliang regretting. Qiao Nan nodded with certainty.

She had never been crafty toward her father. It was rare that this sum of money would go into her pocket. She, too, wanted to be the mythical creature in ancient China for once, which would only receive and not give out wealth.

Given her understanding of her father, her father would not take this sum of money back regardless of the reason.

However, if there was a possibility of it happening, Qiao Nan expressed that she also had a way not to return the money. Why are you keeping a watch on me? At the sight of the two ladies hinting to each other, Shi Peng was initially happy to watch the show. Suddenly, his name was called. Shi Peng had not come to his senses and realized what mistake he had committed that his daughter had to use keep a watch to describe him.Besides, Zhai Sheng had to return to the camp right away to handle matters.

Qiao Nan would have a bodyguard who would be by her side twenty-four hours a day. Qiao Nan paused momentarily. The time is almost up. I have to go to school with Shi Qing. Zhai Sheng curled the corners of his lips into a faint smile.

There was a glitter in his dark eyes. Qiao Nan loosened her tight shoulders. Shi Qing is, after all, a girl. If she hears this, she will be mad. Qiao Nan did not know what to say. Otherwise, Shi Qing would be shooting daggers at me with her eyes. After hanging up the phone, Qiao Nan took the schoolbag from Shi Qing. If you continue to be like this, you will be bullied.

If I do, I will lose the fight and my face will always be swollen from the fights. Perhaps Zhu Baoguo and Shi Qing were right.

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She had a mild temper and was used to being passive. She did not know to take the initiative to fight for herself and was used to being bullied. At times, when she was very annoyed, she would think of going to the extreme to retaliate against her enemies.

For example, when her mother created all sorts of trouble for her, she felt like encouraging her father to leave her mother. However, she was not able to deal with the regret that her father would have in the future. The last time she was framed by her mother and Qiao Zijin, she had even thought of using a knife to stab her mother and Qiao Zijin.

She would have to kill herself as well, as she would not want to go to jail and suffer humiliation before she was sentenced to death. But she was unable to kill the two people closest to her even though she had suffered a lot of grievances because of them. Besides, she would have to pay a price for killing them. She was unable to be heartless to her mother and sister. As for Zhai Hua, she was an outsider, and she was in a better position than her.

Even if she was upset with her, there was nothing she could do. Unless she broke up with Brother Zhai, she would be seeing Zhai Hua often in the future.

rebirth to a military marriage raw

She could not possibly quarrel with her every time she saw her. It will be good if I can be as straightforward as you. Forget it. I suppose one will prefer to have what they do not have.

If not, you can stay out of her way in the future. Sister Zhai Hua will have to get married sooner or later. You will not have many chances to see her. Qiao Nan had yet to settle the problem of her future mother-in-law, and she had a difficult sister-in-law to worry about.

It turned out that the Zhai family was quite complicated.Qiao Nan: Crap! I am your biological daughter, yet I am treated as if I was picked up from the streets. In fact, you treat me worse than that! Mother Qiao: Qiao Nan, you are not as pretty or smart as your elder sister.

You are not as blessed as her. You have no right to study, marry, or to have your happiness! Qiao Nan: Why am I not allowed to study, marry, or to seek my happiness? I will find a man right now and marry him! Qiao Nan is dumbstruck upon discovering that the man right beside her is a powerful figure in the quad—the person who has the most promising prospects to be the future Chief. Qiao Nan stares at the well-built man in front of her.

He has firm abs and cold, chilling eyes.

rebirth to a military marriage raw

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Username or Email Address. Your Rating. Author s. Artist s. Genre s. JoseiRomance. Description Qiao Nan: Crap!Zhai Hua was in a rush, but Shi Qing was out to make trouble for her.

Zhai Hua was so frustrated that she wanted to give Shi Qing a punch.

rebirth to a military marriage raw

When Shi Qing was young, she was a cute and obedient younger sister. Why did she turn out to be like this when she grew up? Alright, I will listen by the side. Shi Qing did not intend to leave. She had to keep a watch on Zhai Hua. Qiao Nan was too soft-hearted. She was defenseless in front of the Zhai family. Since Shi Qing had said so, Zhai Hua could not send her away. The three of them entered the Qiao familys residence.

As the owner, Qiao Nan had no choice but to pour three cups of tea for her guests and herself. Sister Zhai Hua, what brings you here today? Shi Qing was amused. Sister Zhai Hua, are you kidding? Last time, you looked down on Qiao Nan and felt that she was taking advantage of your family. It is good enough that Qiao Nan did not ask your family for help. Now, you want her to help you.

Did I hear it wrong or did you make a mistake? Furthermore, it was not that Qiao Nan was capable hence she sought her help. It was because Zhai Sheng valued her that she had to ask her for help. This is what happened. Recently, I am in a relationship, but my boyfriend is not given the chance to prove himself.

I hope you can bring this up to Zhai Sheng. In the future, we will be one family. It will be good to take into account each others feelings.

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The most important thing is that my boyfriends mom is not in good health. She is getting on in years and wishes for nothing but to see her grandson in this life. Qiao Nan curled her lips. Sister Zhai Hua, according to what you said, you just have to marry your boyfriend, right? Thats right. The two of you can get married. Qiao Nan cannot help you with that. Shi Qing nodded. How should I put it? Zhai Hua was embarrassed to talk about Wei Des temper, especially in front of outsiders.